San Diego Magician, Dr. D. William Benton, Cowboy Card Man, Old West Magician

This is Doc -- old west magician, card sharp, storyteller, entertainer, The Cowboy Card Man of San Diego County.

A throw-back to the 1880's where an evening's entertainment could be found in a deck of cards, some sleight of hand, and a well-crafted tale from the frontier.

So sit back, relax, and let the magic begin...

(Questions? Click the pictures...)

Q: Doc, you really ride a horse?
A: Yep. A man's gotta get around, don't he?
Doc's watch is:
Punctual (like Doc).
From the 1800's (like Doc).
Ruggedly handsome
(like all watches of that era).
Q: Doc, you really sleep in that cabin?
A: Yep. Sleeping outside of it would be dumb.
Q: Whatcha charge, Doc?
A: I dunno...

   ...whatcha got?
Q: Who are Miss Kitty and the Ranch Hands?

You must be new around here...

Miss Kitty and the boys are fine, upstanding members of our community. They're featured in many a tale about the frontier.

Now, no more questions... the show's startin'...

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